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About Nikki

I'm Nikki. I'm a contemporary abstract artist from a small town, just outside of Nashville, Tennessee. I'm a mom of two boys, dog-lover, coffee addict, and a registered nurse by trade. I grew up among a family of artisans and craftsmen, and spent most of my adult life wishing I had inherited the creative genetics of my family. On a random November day at the age of 35, I decided to  purchase my first set of acrylic paints, and I've spent most of my days since then honing my craft. 


My process is completely intuitive, with the placement of each brush stroke and choice of color being a behavioral expression of an underlying emotion. Layer by layer, I work to create harmony and balance until I am delighted with the outcome. The majority of my artworks are created using acrylic paints and various mark-making tools. Occasionally, when I'm feeling bold, I'll incorporate textural mediums and found objects for added interest. 

Each piece is created with love and positivity, and it is my hope to spread love and positivity to others through my art.