My Work.

Through the use of vibrant colors and expressive marks, my artwork lends a glance into the world as I see it. Using acrylic paints, inks, and various mark-making implements, my process begins with intuitive and expressive mark-making, without regard to rhyme or reason. Layer by layer, mark by mark, the painting begins to reveal a composition. Subsequent layers are added, leaving some of the earlier components visible beneath. This is done, not with the intention to cover up the chaotic underlayer, but to draw attention to the most interesting elements below the surface. I liken my process to the process of embracing life, in all its beauty and imperfection, with the belief that God’s plan, though seemingly chaotic, is thoughtfully crafted into a beautiful design.

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My Story.

As a third-generation artist and Nashville native, my childhood memories consist of summers behind the counter of my parents’ woodworking shop at Opryland USA, where the scents of fresh cut redwood and oil-based lacquer filled the air. Despite being raised amongst a family of artists and craftsmen, I did not realize my own creative calling until adulthood, where a trip to the islands of Hawaii inspired me to purchase my first set of acrylic paints.

Registered Nurse by day and painter by night, I enjoy spending every spare moment immersing myself in creativity. Motherhood, the beauty of nature, and the triumphs and tribulations of everyday life serve as the source of my inspiration.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities.

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